Oscar 2005 Wrap Up

My predictions sucked a bit this year, with me only getting 10 of the 24 categories. The good news in all of this is that, when my pick didn’t win, my alternate won. So, if I just made a few of those alternates my primary pick, it would have been a very good year.

Maybe next year.

Here are my final thoughts on the major winners.

Best Picture
My Prediction: The Aviator
Winner: Million Dollar Baby
Final Thoughts: Million Dollar Baby was a more emotional movie and I knew it had a good chance of winning. It’s just those darn awards that The Aviator kept getting that threw me off. I better be more careful next time.

Best Actor
My Prediction and Winner:Jamie Foxx
Final Thoughts: You could have seen this win from a mile away.

Best Actress
My Prediction and Winner: Hilary Swank
Final Thoughts: This was the other true shoe-in of the night.

Best Supporting Actor
My Prediction: Clive Owen
Winner: Morgan Freeman
Final Thoughts: Ehh…Morgan Freeman has had better roles. I think he was awarded more for his career then the role. Also I should take those SAG Award winners more seriously next time.

Best Supporting Actress
My Prediction: Natalie Portman
Winner: Cate Blanchett
Final Thoughts: Note to self: In addition to taking the SAG Award winners more seriously, stop aways choosing the Golden Globe winners.

Best Director
My Prediction and Winner: Clint Eastwood
Final Thoughts: Poor Scorsese. He really deserves to win something. Hopefully he has enough gas left to get a sixth nomination.

Best Original Screenplay
My Prediction: The Aviator
Winner: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Final Thoughts: I was shocked when I saw Chalie Kaufman actually won the Oscar. All I can say is “wow.”

Best Adapted Screenplay
My Prediction and Winner: Sideways
Final Thoughts: Well, picking the Golden Globe winner sometimes works.

Best Animated Film
My Prediction and Winner: The Incredibles
Final Thoughts: The Incredibles were just that: Incredible. Good think the Academy recognized it.

Well that’s my wrap up. You can see a full list of winners over at the Oscar website.

Until next year.

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