Movies of the Moment – March 11, 2005

The first of my most-anticipated movies for this year comes out next week. But until then….

I was a little underwhelmed when I saw Ice Age a few years ago. Hopefully Robots will have a better plot (if not, at least some good scenes with Robin Williams character)

I found that ever since he shaved his head, Bruce Willis has been lacking a bit on the movie front. And I don’t really expect that to change until Sin City comes out next month (which features Bruce with hair I might add).

The Passion Recut
OK, so about 5 minutes of the more graphic scenes has been removed from The Passion of the Christ. However, the MPAA (as well as most Canadian films boards) didn’t believe that was enough for a lower rating. So, it’s being released, in the US, unrated. Can someone tell me what the point of this was (other than more money)? Skip this recut, and see the un-cut original.

Come back next week for my thoughts on The Ring Two (and whatever else is coming out)

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