Movies of the Moment – April 8, 2005

Well it’s my 23rd birthday this weekend, and I am not sure if I would make the trek to the megaplex for it. However here’s this week’s releases anyway.

Fever Pitch
Other than the fact that they can’t hide the fact that scenes were filmed in my hometown of Toronto (Queen’s Park is very recognizable), this looks like a pretty good date movie. Now, if I only had a date. Make sure to watch out for an American Dad short that appears before the film.

This will forever be known as the umpteenth Indiana Jones wannabe action movie.

Kung Fu Hustle
Stephen Chow’s follow-up to Shaolin Soccer opens in limited release today. Last fall, I had a ticket to see this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. However, I was phoned the night before the screening saying that it was cancelled, due to the film being damaged. And that was too bad, because this film looks pretty entertaining. As a result, I am making it a personal mission to have another chance to see this film. Hopefully it will open it Toronto soon.

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