The Film Festival, it is a-coming

The Toronto International Film Festival, which starts on September 8, is second only to the Oscars as the biggest movie event of the year for me.

This year’s film festival will be the 3rd I will be attending. Two years ago, I went to the festival to see School of Rock a month before it was released as well as a collection of short films. Last year I had tickets to see Kung Fu Hustle and the thriller Trauma. Sadly, the Kung Fu Hustle screening was cancelled (I eventually saw it during it’s main theatrical run) and I ended up only seeing Trauma (which turn out to be a bit of a disturbing film).

In a few days (Tuesday to be exact), the complete list of films will be available, with the schedule coming a week later. I plan on looking on this list and I will pick a couple films (at $18.23 a ticket, I can’t really afford to see more than one or two films) that I would be interested in seeing (I also have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with my school schedule). Sadly, the problem with getting individual tickets (instead of festival passes), is that most of the prime screening times sell out VERY fast. Heck, last year a film sold out before I finished my order.

Later this week, I will post my thoughts on some of the films I’m interested in.

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