You learn something new everyday….

I wrote, back in January, about how unrated DVDs are just a way for studios to make more money, especially since they tend to release the original cut as well.

Well, I just found out something that really proves that point.

I was just reading some message board posts about the upcoming “unrated” DVD of The Ring Two. Apparently, according to people who have gotten their hands on the disc, the film just contains about 20 minutes of extended footage with little to no additional violence or language.

There’s still a week until the DVD comes out, but, if this is true, it demonstrates that the true definition of an “unrated” DVD is that a new cut of the movie has been made and the film just hasn’t been submitted to the MPAA for rerating.

Because horror fans have become accustomed to gorier unrated cuts, this may result in some accusitions of false advertising.

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