Movie of the Moment – November 2005

Even though it is still technically October, I am going to post the films that catch my eye for November, which is when all the award contenders start coming our way.

This month I decided to modify the headings to represent the fact that these thoughts are my opinions.  So it’s now movies that I either “will see,” “probably skip,” or “may consider.”

Will See

I have been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal ever since Donnie Darko, however this is the first real film with him since then that I have been excited to see.  The trailer shows that this war film will be a mix between comedy and drama (my guess, based on the ads, is that the film starts light and gets darker as it moves on).  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie Foxx gets his second Oscar nomination in a row (though this time for Best Supporting Actor) for his role as the war-loving drill sergeant.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
I do have to say that the movies have been making good time in trying to keep the actors roughly the same age as the characters.  This movie, with its PG-13 rating, looks to be the darkest of the movies so far and, honestly, I can’t wait.

Probably Skip

Get Rich or Die Tryin’
First I’m a little biased, since I’m not a big fan of rap music (especially gangster rap).  50 Cent is trying to follow Eminem’s footsteps with a biopic.  Even though 8 Mile turn out alright (though I’ve only seen the end), I’m not sure that thunder will strike twice.  Especially, when you consider the recent controversy over how the film’s been advertised.

Your, Mine, and Ours
OK, this film is a remake of a 1968 film, and it bares a resemblance to 2003’s Cheaper By the Dozen, which is a remake of a 1950 film (also it’s coming out with a sequel next month).  It’s hard to tell who’s ripping off whom here.  You can be sure of one thing: Dennis Quaid is no Steve Martin.

May Consider

Chicken Little
A modern expansion of the classic children’s book (as well Disney’s first non-Pixar CGI film), this film shows some potential.  Also, Zach Braff (of the tv show “Scrubs” and “Garden State) is basically unrecognizable as the voice of Chicken Little.

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago since Jumanji graced our screens.  Now a movie based on the book by the same author (with a similar premise) is coming out.  While this movie shows promise, it doesn’t seem to have the same charm Jumanji did (not really much star power either, unless you count Tim Robbin’s role as the dad).  If I do see this, it will be on DVD.

Walk The Line
This Johnny Cash biopic seems to be following a “By the Numbers” formula with last year’s “Ray” (right now to the silhouetted poster).  However it looks intriguing enough to give a look-see (if only it wasn’t being released on the same week as Harry Potter).

That’s all.  ‘Til next month!  

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