Movies of the Moment – April 2006

After a bit of a hiatus, it’s time once again to list the movies I have an eye on for the upcoming month.

Will See
The Benchwarmers
The comedies produced by Adam Sandler’s “Happy Madison” productions are usually hit or miss.  Hopefully this one will go straight down the ballpark (pardon the pun).

This independent film opens in limited release here about a week later that in the states.  Even though I may have to go to some theatre downtown to see it, I really want to see this film (the last film I was as intrigued by was Donnie Darko)

Scary Movie 4
By adding a goofier tone, David Zucker helped save the Scary Movie franchise, which crossed the line a little too far in the second instalment.  I’m sure there will be laughs in the 4th movie (at least it should be funnier than Date Movie)

Probably Skip

It’s good to see Robin Williams doing comedy again, but this seems more like a film to watch on TV than pay money to see.

May Consider

Lucky Number Slevin
I only found out about this movie a couple weeks ago, but it looks intriguing enough to give it a look (though I may wait for the DVD, or at least, when it enters a second-run theatre)

Silent Hill
This movie’s based on a video game, but I only heard of the video game after the movie.  The decision on whether or not I see this film may be based on whether it concentrates more on a spooky atmosphere (which I prefer) or a lot of gore (which I tend to avoid).

American Dreamz
This American Idol satire shows promise.

Well that’s my picks for April

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