Oscar 2006 Wrap Up

It was a good year for me this year, since I got 15 out of 24 predictions correct.  In fact, in the major categories, I only got one wrong.

As such, here are my final thoughts on the major winners.

Best Picture
My Prediction: Brokeback Mountain
Winner: Crash
Final Thoughts: The real surprise of the night.  However, since I did say that I liked Crash more than Brokeback Mountain, maybe it’s not much of a surprise after all.

Best Actor
My Prediction and Winner: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Final Thoughts: He was THAT good in Capote.

Best Actress
My Prediction and Winner: Reese Witherspoon
Final Thoughts: While Felicity Huffman may have deserved this better, it was a nearly sure thing that Witherspoon would win.  (aside: Boy is she a motor-mouth)

Best Supporting Actor
My Prediction and Winner: George Clooney
Final Thoughts: In a perfect world Paul Giamatti would finally get his due.  Still, I’m glad Clooney won.

Best Supporting Actress
My Prediction and Winner: Rachel Weisz
Final Thoughts: I probably now will definitely give The Constant Gardener a rental..

Best Director
My Prediction and Winner: Ang Lee
Final Thoughts: This was an award you could see from a mile away.

Best Original Screenplay
My Prediction and Winner: Crash
Final Thoughts: I though this would be the only major award Crash would win, then it goes to win Best Picture.  Weird world this is.

Best Adapted Screenplay
My Prediction and Winner: Brokeback Mountain
Final Thoughts: Like I said, there were only two movies that I though could win in these categories.

Best Animated Film
My Prediction and Winner: Wallace and Gromit
Final Thoughts: Those crazy Brits can add a 3rd Oscar (they previously won two for the W&G shorts) to their wall

Well that’s my wrap up. You can see a full list of winners over at the Oscar website.

Until next year.

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