Movies of the Moment – May 2006

It’s time for my picks for May.  (Note: I saw Mission: Impossible III today, so it’s omitted from this list).

Will See

An American Haunting
For some reason, this movie is opening a week later here than in the U.S.  Either way, I am excited to see this film about the Bell Witch legend (which I’m already familiar with).

The Da Vinci Code
This adaptation is probably my most anticipated film of the month.

X3: The Last Stand
Do to the change of director, there are many questions surrounding whether the third X-Men movie will have the same quality of the other two.  I think that it will do just fine.

Probably Skip

Just My Luck
Do I even have to say why?  This is just not my thing.

See No Evil
WWE’s Kane stars in a film as a character that’s not much different than what you see on TV (maybe more violent).  Is this a movie or a storyline?

May Consider

This remake looks to be entertaining.  But, I will probably see An American Haunting (which opens the same week here) instead.

Over The Hedge
This looks to be one of the better Dreamworks animated films.  Still, is it worth seeing in theatres?

‘Til next month

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