Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Four: The Second Shift

Second shift…it started off pretty much the same as the last shift, with me collecting tickets for a screening.  I was then assigned to check tickets at the door and I spent about half an hour saying nothing but “down the hall” as the people were entering the theatre.

Today’s highlight came in the form as when I was assigned to a press and industry screening of a documentary about gang members in Haiti called “Ghosts of Cité Soleil.”  I was signing members of the media into the theatre I couldn’t help noticed that this screening was, among other, attended by people affiliated with Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and Variety.  I even spent some time inside the cinema, as an usher helping latecomers find seats.

After I was relieved from the “ghosts” screening, I was sent to another press screening, where I basically ended up minding the door until my shift was over.

Tomorrow, I will officially become an attendee of the festival, when I head to a screening of “The Dog Problem.”  My next volunteer log will be after my next shift on Tuesday.

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