Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Five: Shift Three

Today’s shift was a little on the slow side.  There were more press screenings than public screenings (in fact, there was only one public screening starting during my shift) and, as such, there wasn’t any of the hectic activity such as collecting tickets and guiding people to the cinemas.

My main task today was as an usher during a press screening of an Austrian film called “Falling.”  It was definitely not fun standing for the entire length of a film, especially one that wasn’t in English and was also essentially a “chick flick” (also, since there were plenty of empty seats, me being there was basically a formality).  

This morning I picked tickets for a documentary on the last presidential election called “So Goes the Nation,” which I will see on Thursday.  This was a second replacement after I was told that my first choice was sold out at the box office.  I also plan on heading back to the box office tomorrow morning to exchange the voucher I received today for a film on Saturday.

I will also log my final volunteer shift this Friday.

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