TIFF07: My exhausting first day

My first day volunteering at the Film Festival left me very exhausted. I did some tasks that I was familiar with from last year, however about half of my time today was spent outside the theatre at the Rush line (a line-up for people to get last minute tickets).

Some celebrities actually showed up at the theatre today, however I never saw them since I was outside.

After my shift was over, I actually received a free ticket to tonight’s Gala Screening. I think this might be due to there being lots of tickets left for the film, since not only did I get the free ticket, but I got it upgraded from Balcony to Main, while waiting in line.

Anyways, I will write my thoughts on the film:

My Thoughts on Le Deuxieme Souffle

This film was a French gangster film staring Daniel Auteuil and Monica Bellucci. I don’t really know what to think of it. There will some scenes of shooting that I found quite neat, however I found it a bit too long (2 1/2 hours) and it was boring at times (I found myself nodding off). It was not the best film to start my festival viewing experience, but at least I got to attend a gala.

After this exhausting first day, I shall go to bed and get ready for my second day of volunteering at the festival.

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