Movies of the Moment – February 2008

February is usually a month for catching up on the Oscar nominations. Since I don’t really need to do as much catching up as in previous years, its a good thing that there are many films I’m interested in this month.

Feature Film February 2008
Vantage Point – February 22

I’m really intrigued about seeing this film which shows the same 15 minute time period from the point of view of 8 different people. This is definitely one I’m looking forward to.

Other Picks for the Month

The Eye – February 1
The latest J-Horror remake edges out the comedy Strange Wilderness as the film I’m most likely to see this weekend. Even though I believe these remakes are getting old, I’m willing to give this film a chance.

In Bruges – February 8
I really enjoyed the trailer for the independent heist comedy and I hope it ends up playing a a theatre near me.

Jumper – February 14
What better way to counter-program Valentine’s day than with a sci-fi/action film!

Be Kind Rewind – February 22
I’ve been sold on this film, since I first heard of it a year and a half ago. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Semi-Pro – February 29
Even though it’s the umpteenth “Will Ferrell Sports Comedy,” this one looks quite funny.

May Consider

Strange Wilderness – February 1
This movie looks like it might be funny, but it’s not something I absolutely HAVE to see. If there’s a week that I want to see a movie and there’s nothing else, I’ll see this one.

Not Really Interested

Over Her Dead Body – February 1
I have never been a fan of romantic comedies, however this one, which involves a love triangle with a ghost, looks to be one of the more cringe-worthy.

The Hottie and the Nottie – February 8
Not that I would rush to see a movie with Paris Hilton, but the fact that I stopped watching halfway through the TRAILER probably says something.

Step-Up 2: The Streets – February 15
I’m going off a limb and saying the whole point of these Urban dance movies is to advertise its hip-hop soundtrack.

That’s all for February!

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