My Thoughts on Wall-E

Even though I missed the film when it came out a couple weeks ago, I finally managed to see Wall-E today.

I would probably compare this film to The Incredibles in the fact that even though it is animated, it stands on its own as a sci-fi adventure in the same way The Incredibles stood on its own as a superhero adventure. The film even features references to past science fiction films, most notably 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The film is also visually spectacular, which is a good thing since the bulk of the dialogue in the film involves synthesized robot sounds (to the point the the film’s sound designer is credited as “voicing” Wall-E).

This film is also notable for incorporating live action scenes, notably in video-messages featuring Fred Willard and inclusion of the film Hello Dolly.

In summary, I would say that Wall-E is not only one of the best animated films this year, but it it is also one of the best films in general. Well done.


Sean Kelly Author

Sean Patrick Kelly is a self-described über-geek, who has been an avid film lover for all his life. He graduated from York University in 2010 with an honours B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies and he likes to believe he knows what he’s talking about when he writes about film (despite occasionally going on pointless rants).