Classic Thoughts: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

With the new Friday the 13th remake/reboot scheduled to open on Friday, I was wanting to catch up with the older films.

I was hoping to catch them OnDemand (especially since my cable channel currently has them all in rotation), however the only film currently listed is the seventh film in the series, released in 1988.

This film is notable for being the first of four Friday the 13th films to feature Kane Hodder in the role of Jason, who was probably the most famous person to play the role.

Watching the film, I can tell that this wasn’t the best film to introduce me to the series. From what I understand, the series peaked with Part IV and I could tell by watching this that the film was almost going through the motions.

I also took notice to how the violence in the film was probably tame to today’s standards. This is interesting considering how I read how the film had to undergo many cuts before getting a R rating.

I would like to check out the earlier, and likely better, Friday the 13th films, but that probably won’t happen until after the new film comes out on Friday.

(Update: In a ironic twist, the rest of the films showed up on the OnDemand channel only a few hours after this review was written).


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