Classic Thoughts: The Nightmare Before Christmas

With Coraline coming out, I thought I would take a look at Henry Selick’s most popular film.

Credit for the film is usually given to Tim Burton, who produced the film and came up with the story. However, the actually directing was done by Selick.

This film is notable for being one of the first feature-length stop-motion animated films (and it remains one of the only, since only about five have been released since then).

The film itself is hard to classify, since it combines the themes of Halloween and Christmas, so it can be watched anytime between October and December.

Sadly, I haven’t seen the film since shortly after it’s release, and I have really been wanting to see it again.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was a testament to what could be achieved in stop-motion and it well be interesting to see how Coraline turns out.


Sean Kelly Author

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