Movies of the Moment: April 2009

April is the month of my birthday and it’s become tradition for me to head to the movies on that day. This is made easier this year, with my birthday taking place on a Friday (hence being able to see a movie on opening day).

Feature Film April 2009
Crank: High Voltage – April 17
The first film was a fun (literally) adrenaline-filled film. I expect the sequel to be the same (even though it stretches the suspension of disbelief a bit too much).

Other Picks for the Month
Adventureland – April 3
Wasn’t this March release? A week delay moved this film to April. Still want to see it though.

Observe and Report – April 10
The latest Seth Rogen comedy is my pick for this year’s birthday viewing.

State of Play – April 17
This looks to be an intriguing thriller.

May Check Out
The Soloist – April 24
This film was Oscar-bait that was moved away from Awards season. Still might be a good watch though.

Not Interested
Hannah Montana: The Movie – April 10
I know I’m wrong gender (and decade) for this film. I’m just miffed that it’s opening on my birthday.

Dragonball: Evolution – April 10
I was a casual fan of the original anime show, however the anime definitely does not translate well to live-action. And it opens on my birthday!

17 Again – April 17
I’d rather watch Big again.

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