DVD Thoughts: Friday the 13th – Killer Cut Edition

The biggest message I am receiving from the standard DVD release of Friday the 13th is “Why didn’t you get the Blu-Ray?”

First, a quick overview: This extended cut is nine minutes longer than the theatrical version. There is nothing much that is noticeably different and my best guest is that there is probably just additional shots on the death scenes. It’s also worth noting that this extended cut is actually rated (and still has an R).

Then there is the “Special Features.” An eleven minute featurette and 3 deleted/extended scenes (with no option to select individual scenes). All together this is about 19 minutes.

This pales in comparison to the Blu-Ray version, which has the above features plus some “Exclusive HD features.” I really consider it a slap in the face that they didn’t bother to take those features and release a separate “Two Disc Special Edition” like they usually do.

I’m personally really sick of Blu-Ray and high definition being shoved down my throat to the point that a Blu-Ray ad is usually the first thing I see whenever I put in a DVD.

I sure this is an early sign that I will eventually be forced to buy Blu-Rays only for it to be replaced by something else.

Hmmm…this turned from a review to a rant. Sorry about that. In conclusion, I’m annoyed that this is a fairly crumby DVD set, however, on the bright side, there are at least better DVDs on the horizon and I’m fairly excited for next month’s release of Watchmen (which DOESN’T skimp on the features)

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