Movies of the Moment: June 2009

The month isn’t as jam packed as last month, but there are still some films I’m excited for.

Feature Film June 2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – June 24
This film is my prediction for the biggest blockbuster of the year and I am really looking forward to the film, especially since it promises to feature WAY more Autobot vs. Decepticon action (plus it will be in IMAX).

Other Picks for the Month
The Hangover – June 5
This Todd Phillips comedy came out of nowhere, however it looks to be a funny film.

The Taking of Pelham 123 – June 12
I was initially not sure about this film, however after seeing all the previews for it, I think that it will be a fun thriller (plus it’s always great seeing John Travolta playing a villain).

Moon – June 12
This indie sci-fi looks to be one of the sleeper hits of the year and I definitely will be checking it out.

Year One – June 19
I don’t care how ridiculous this comedy seems, I’m checking it out.

May Check Out

Land of the Lost – June 5
I’ve grown more unsure about whether I’ll see this film in theatres.

Away We Go – June 5
Is it me, or does that poster look a lot like Juno’s. Anyways, this independent comedy from Sam Mendes may be interesting.

Whatever Works – June 19
I never seems a Woody Allen comedy. Maybe it’s time I should start.

Not Interested
My Sister’s Keeper – June 26
This cancer drama looks too sappy for its own good. I cringe everytime I see the trailer in theatres.

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