Classic Thoughts: The 40 Year Old Virgin

After seeing Funny People this week, I thought I would go back and re-visit Judd Apatow’s debut as a director.

Before this film, I was very iffy about R-rated comedies. I also have to admit the premise of the film, combined with the sunny poster featuring an innocent-looking Steve Carell really freaked me out.

However, I then decided to see the film and found that it was really funny. Extremely funny.

The film also featured stars in the making. Steve Carell only had supporting roles before and was just starting on The Office. Seth Rogen was only really known for being on Apatow’s TV shows Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. As for Paul Rudd, well he was on Friends.

Even with it’s adult premise, the film still had heart, and it was a great start for Apatow’s directorial career.


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