TIFF09: My Thoughts on Leslie, My Name is Evil, Get Low, Suck, and Bunny & The Bull

It was a busy day for me at the Toronto Film Festival and I saw four films within the day. Here are some brief thoughts on the films.

Leslie, My Name is Evil
Starting off day was this dark comedy about a boy that becomes infatuated with one of the members of the Manson Family, while he is a jury member at their trial.

I thought it was a decent enough film. Even though the film is technically a comedy, it doesn’t sugarcoat the Manson murders and the film does feature some dark scenes that really contrast with the comedic scenes.

It was defintely a weird film to see in the morning.


Get Low
This drama was a repeat screening of one of this year’s galas.

The film stars Robert Duvall as a hermit that decides to hold a “funeral party” for himself while he is still alive. The film also stars Bill Murray as the funeral director, in the role that adds quite a bit of comedy to this drama.

The film had a bit of a slow start, but once it got going, I found that is was quite good.


This vampire rock comedy currently stands as my favourite film of the festival.

The film has suck a quirky plot and there were many fun rock cameos in the film from the like of Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and even Moby. A pleasant surprise was the appearance of Malcom McDowell as a vampire hunter.

It was definitely a fun film.


Bunny & The Bull
Speaking of quirky films, this British comedy was almost surreal.

The film combines the live-action acting with artificial backdrops that made for a very interesting film viewing experience.

I’d say that this one is also high up on my favourite films list.


Tomorrow, I’m only seeing one film, but it’s one I’m looking forward to (Jennifer’s Body).

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