TIFF09: My Thoughts on Solitary Man, The Hole, Together, and The Disappearance of Alice Creed

It was the final day of the festival and I squeezed in another four films. Here we go.

Solitary Man
This was a comedy/drama staring Michael Douglas as a man that gets into a bit too much trouble do to is womanizing ways.

It was a decent enough film and it was a good way to start off my day. There were some good supporting roles my Jenna Fischer and Susan Sarandon.


The Hole
Joe Dante was back with family-oriented thriller that returns to the charm of his early films, such as Gremlins, except in 3D.

This was a pretty fun film. The 3D effects weren’t too gimmicky, since they were used more for depth than cheap pop-out gags.

Definitely one of my favourite films from the festival.


Desperate for something to see, I decided on a whim to see this Norwegian drama (remembering it from my volunteer shifts).

This story about a father and son trying to cope after the death their wife and mother was OK enough for a last-minute purchase.

It was a standard drama, but it was still enjoyable.


The Disappearance of Alice Creed
My film festival experience went out with a bang with this British drama that only focuses on three individuals — two criminals and the woman that they kidnap.

It was definitely a captivating film and there are many twists that make the film more interesting as it goes along.

Once again, a great way to end the festival.

Check back later for my complete wrap-up.

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