My Thoughts on Fan Expo 2010

Last weekend, I attended Fan Expo Canada for the second time.  It was overall an enjoyable experience, however this probably the year where many of the problems associated with the Expo reared their head.

Probably the biggest problem with the Expo was the terrible crowd control.  The Metro Toronto Convention centre was completely packed and I found out after I came home on Saturday that they stopped letting people in (even if they had a pre-purchased ticket) due to fears of overcrowding.  I myself was stuck at the main escalator for twenty minutes due to the fact that only a few people were being let onto the show floor at a time.

Michael Dorn

However, there were still many positive things I can say about the expo.  I managed to see an awesome 3D preview for the upcoming film TRON: Legacy, which has made me quite excited for the opening of the film in December.

David Cronenberg

I also had the chance to meet and get the autographs from actor Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and director David Cronenberg, even though they set me back $70.

Despite the crowd (and price) problems, I still enjoyed my second trip to the Expo and I will look forward to attending again next year.

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