TIFF10: Midnight Madness Thoughts

I have always been a huge fan of genre films.  As such, Midnight Madness can be considered one of my favourite programmes at TIFF.  I have seen at least one MM film at TIFF every year since 2006 and this year I am even considering braving an actual midnight screening.

Here is a rundown of a few of the films that stand out for me.

Insidious – James Wan, USA
From the director of Saw comes this new haunted house film.  I have say that once I heard about this film, I became very excited and this will be the film that I will be aiming to see the most.

The Ward – John Carpenter, USA
Even though John Carpenter hasn’t had a true hit in years, he is still considered a horror icon and I would gladly see his latest film, especially since it, like Insidious, covers one of my favourite horror subjects – ghosts.

SUPER – James Gunn, USA
It’s not all horror at Midnight Madness and this comedy joins the growing ranks of “average joe becomes superhero” films.  It has a great cast that includes The Office‘s Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page.  This film should be a riot.

Stake Land – Jim Mickle, USA
Daybreakers played at Midnight Madness last year and here is another “anti-Twilight” vampire film, which portrays them as the monsters that they are.  Should be interesting.

Fubar II – Michael Dowse, Canada
Let me just say that Fubar is a film that I never expected there to be a sequel to.

Well those are the films that really stick out for me, however I think that the entire line-up this year is just great.

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