TIFF10: Real to Reel Thoughts

The 2010 Toronto International Film Festival is only about two and a half weeks away and I thought that I will continue my highlights from the various programmes by looking at some standout picks from the Real to Reel documentary programme.  Thanks partially to a course I took on the genre, I’ve recently acquired an increased interest in documentaries and I am sure that I’ll try to check out a couple of these films during the festival.

Tabloid – Errol Morris, USA
If there is any documentary director that I’ve become a fan of, it’s Errol Morris.  Some would argue the Morris’ films are better classified as non-fiction, rather than documentary, because of his habit of using re-enactments.  Either way, this film, which explores tabloid newspapers should be quite interesting.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Werner Herzog, USA
A 3D documentary by Werner Herzog.  That’s enough to sell me on this film, which explores the Chauvet caves of southern France.

Boxing Gym – Fredrick Wiseman, USA
Wiseman is particularly well-known for his cinema verite films with simple titles.  His latest subject is a boxing gym is Austin, Texas, which should make for some intriguing viewing.

The Game of Death – Christophe Nick, Thomas Bornot, France
This film about torture-experiment from the 60s adapted into a game show format, sounds a lot more like a horror film than a documentary.  It is for this reason that I am quite interested in the film.

Windfall – Laura Israel, USA
You need at least one environmental documentary.  This film looking into the darkside of wind turbines.

And those I my picks from the Real to Reel programme.  The full schedule is released tomorrow and my TIFF-related posts will increase as we head closer to the start of the festival on September 9. 

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