Toronto After Dark: My Thoughts on The Last Exorcism

For the second year I have attended the Toronto After Dark film festival at the Bloor Cinema.  This year, I decided to check out The Last Exorcism, which is produced by Eli Roth.  In was a fun screening, since both Eli Roth and the stars Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell were in attendance for a Q&A following the film.

The film follows a faux-documentary style as a popular minister from as small town allows a documentary crew to accompany film on his final exorcism.

This is a hard film to talk about without giving too much away, however I do say that I thought that the documentary style helped to emphasize the realism the film was going for.  I also have to say that I thought that the ending was quite unexpected and the film would be worth seeing for the ending alone.


The film was followed by a Q&A by Eli Roth and the cast members.  After watching this Q&A, I can confidently say that Eli Roth is a true film geek.  I also have to say that I was impressed when it was said that all the contortionist movements performed by Ashley Bell in the film with 100% real (no CGI).

Overall I have to say it was an enjoyable night.

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