TIFF10: Final Day and Wrap-Up

The 2010 Toronto International Film Festival has come to a close.  In this post, I will post my thoughts on the final three films I saw at the festival before doing my yearly wrap-up.

Final Films
This is a touching film about a man with Down’s Syndrome, who attempts to begin a relationship with a woman he has liked for a long time.  This film really offers insight into people with mental disabilities and the challenges they face at having normal relationships.

I should note there was a neat moment during the Q&A, where the director called star Evan Sneider and had him answer a couple questions via speaker-phone.


From director John Sayles, this film deals with the American occupation of a Filipino village and centers around the leader of the village.  I thought this was an alright enough film, however it did run a little long in the end.


Griff the Invisible
This Australian film was a joy.  What started off seeming like a Defendor-like “average joe becomes superhero” film, turned into a tale about accepting your perception of reality.  It was definitely a fun way to end the festival.


Festival Wrap-Up
Top 5 Favourite Films

  1. Buried
  2. Submarine
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Griff the Invisible
  5. Monsters

Honourable Mentions

  • Henry’s Crime
  • Dirty Girl

Films I Most Wish I Could Have Seen

  • Black Swan
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Favourite Festival Moments

  • Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga showing up at the second Henry’s Crime screening
  • Girlfriend Q&A via speaker-phone

Final Number of Films Seen

  • 14

Programme Tally

  • Special Presentations – 5
  • Discovery – 4
  • Midnight Madness – 2
  • Canada First – 1
  • Real to Real – 1
  • Vanguard – 1

Theatre Tally

  • Ryerson Theatre – 7
  • AMC Yonge & Dundas – 3
  • Scotiabank Theatre – 2
  • TIFF Bell Lightbox – 1 
  • Varsity Theatre – 1

And that ends my coverage of the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

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