TIFF10: My Thoughts on Submarine, Game of Death, and Buried

Chris Sparling, Rodrigo Cortés, and Ryan Reynolds

Yesterday was my first full day of viewing TIFF films and I thought that I would post brief thoughts on all of them.

This was a quirky British comedy and definitely one of my favourite films of the fest.  It’s full of a wonderful ironic humour and I think its description as a Welsh Rushmore is quite true.


Game of Death
This French documentary updates the 1960s Milgram experiment into a game show format.  Contestants are asked to “shock” a man (really an actor) whenever he gets a wrong answer.  The results are shocking and film really gives questions about human nature and obedience.


This was my most anticipated film of the festival and it more than met my expectations.  The film does indeed only consist of Ryan Reynold buried in a box, however there are other characters in the film that appear only in voice-over phone conversations.  The film is quite gripping and suspenseful, has some great editing, and is without a doubt my favourite film of the festival so far (maybe even the year).

Screenwriter Chris Sparing, Director Rodrigo Cortés, and star Ryan Reynolds were is attendance afterwards for a Q&A.

And that’s my second day of screenings.


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