My Thoughts on My Soul to Take

At the very least, I have to say that it was good for Wes Craven to attempt to make an original horror film before going off an directing the fourth entry of the Scream series (due in theatres next April).

I’m quite indifferent with how the film turned out.  I thought it started off okay enough, with its backstory involving a serial killer who was taken down and how the town “celebrates” the anniversary of his death every year.

However, once the actual plot of the film kicks into motion, things become a bit too formulaic.  I have long grown a bit tired about horror films that feature twenty-somethings playing sixteen-year-olds that act like twenty-somethings.  Also, I found that the film was not that tense at all and killings pretty much just happen, with little or not concern for the victim.

The film picks up a bit in the climax, which somewhat redeems the film, but overall the film was only OK.


P.S. Even though I learned my lesson about watching post-converted 3D films, Cineplex has apparently decided that if a film is released in 3D, that’s the ONLY way you are going to watch it.  As such, I paid more and saw a film with little to no decent 3D effects.  Thanks Cineplex.

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