News: James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host Oscars

Source: /Film

It was announced that James Franco and Anne Hathaway are going to co-host the 83rd Academy Awards on February 27, 2011.

Traditionally, the Oscars have been hosted by comedians, which included long runs by Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal.

In 2009, the Oscars changed the formula by having Hugh Jackman host.  Even though the ceremony briefly switched back to the comedy format somewhat with the dual of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin at this year’s ceremony, the choice of Franco and Hathaway returns to the departure.

This likely an effort to improve the television ratings for the broadcast by attracting a younger demographic.  Personally, I prefer having comedians host the show, since they are always the most enjoyable.  However, Franco and Hathaway still might do a good job.

I should also point out the interesting situation over the fact that James Franco might receive an Oscar nomination for 127 Hours.  Not sure how that would work out.

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