My Thoughts on Modra

Modra was the third screening I saw as part of Canada’s Top Ten at the Bell Lightbox (including films I had previously seen at TIFF or otherwise, I have now seen six of the ten films).

The film tells the story of a teenage girl named Lina, who goes traveling to visit family in Slovakia.  Since she was recently dumped by her boyfriend, Lina brings along another boy she knew from school.

The film deals with the complicated relationship that develops between the two of them, especially after most of Lina’s family assumes that they are together.

I thought that it was a nice little film that features equal parts comedy and drama.  Also, unlike most films with romantic subtext, I thought that the ending of the film seemed to quite realistic and definitely not the typical “Hollywood” ending.


That will likely conclude my coverage of Canada’s Top Ten, since most of the remaining screenings are films I have already seen.  Canada’s Top Ten continues through February 2 and I highly recommend you check out one of the films.

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