Fan Expo 2011 Day 2 – A Busy Day of Q&As

Tom Felton Signing

The first full day of Fan Expo was a busy one that, quite frankly, wore me out. I got up bright and early to head to the convention centre and I managed to get in quite prompt.

I wasn’t on the showfloor as much today as I was yesterday, however I was awestruck and the humongous line of people waiting to meet Harry Potter’s Tom Felton.  It was absolutely crazy.

Elvira Q&A

The bulk of my day consisted of attending the various Q&A sessions. The Q&A I attended was of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.  She came out in full make-up and an interesting thing I noted from the Q&A is that she always referred to her real persona of Cassandra Peterson in the third person (as she was a separate person – which is some ways she is).  The Q&A was immediately followed by horror make-up master Tom Savini (who is better known these days for his acting roles).  I have to say that it was probably the best Q&A of the day.

Tom Savini Q&A

Marina Sirtis Q&A

The next Q&A I saw was Marina Sirtis, which I joined in progress.  Both this Q&A, as well as a later Q&A with Nichelle Nichols, demonstrated how Star Trek actors has some very interesting stories about working on the shows.

This was especially true with Nichelle Nichols, which the final Q&A I went to today.  In fact, I can’t really call it a Q&A, because I think only a single question ended up being asked.  However, it was still interesting to listen to Nichols describe how the character of Uhura broke racial barriers and inspired many people.  In between the two Star Trek Q&As, I also saw one of the three G4 panels that will be happening during the expo.

Nichelle Nichols Q&A

Q&As weren’t the only thing I did today at the Expo.  I finally managed to get a Photo Op with Robert Englund (which ended up being much easier than I though – I didn’t even have to stand in the line at his booth).  Even though I was only with him for like 30 seconds, it was still a very fun experience and I can’t wait to see the photo.

Finally, in the “What the Hell?” department, there was one point during the day where many of the cosplayers in the hallway suddenly decided to battle a battle with each other.  It was definitely surreal.

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means it will be the busiest day of the Expo.  I don’t have that much planned in Q&As, but I’m sure it will still be an eventful day.

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