My Thoughts on Red State (with Kevin Smith Q&A)

Last night, I went to see a screening of Red State at the Toronto Underground cinema, which was followed by a lengthy Q&A by director Kevin Smith.

The film is much different that Kevin Smith’s other films in how it is definitely not a comedy (even though there are still funny lines in the film).  The film is advertised as being a horror film, but it turns out to be much more than that, with the tone of the film changing into more of an action-thriller around the halfway point.

It’s definitely a very no-holds-bared film and, without giving too much away, it is established early on in the film that none of the characters are safe and they die at a moment’s notice.

I can definitely say that it is probably one of Kevin Smith’s best films.


After the film, there was a lengthy Q&A by Kevin Smith.  I have to admit that I had cringed a bit at the price of the event ($50 for general admission, $85 for a VIP seat), however I do have to say that the price was well worth it for the Q&A, which went on for a full 2 1/2 hours (which is way longer than the 90 min length of the film).

I have previously heard about Kevin Smith’s Q&A style, but it is really something that has to be seen to believe.  Kevin Smith is definitely one talkative person and he would get asked a question and then go into a lengthy rant that may or may not have anything to do with the question asked.  It was definitely very entertaining to say the least.  I hoped to ask a question myself, but I hesitated getting in line and the Q&A was over before I could get up.

Overall it was definitely an enjoyable night.

Here are pictures from Kevin Smith’s Intro and Q&A:

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