TIFF11: Canadian Film Thoughts

While TIFF attracts many international films, it is still a Canadian film festival.  That is why the festival also has to feature a healthy portion of Canadian content.  This year’s selection of Canadian films were announced today and there are definitely some interesting titles by some the country’s top directors.

Here are my thoughts on the standouts (full list here)

Breakaway – Robert Lieberman, Canada (Special Presentations)
A hockey film is nothing new to Canada, but this one is interesting since it’s a cross cultural film about a Sikh man trying to make it in the hockey world.  This one would be an interesting choice.

Goon – Michael Dowse, Canada (Special Presentations)
Why have one hockey film at the festival, when you can have two.  However, this one is a comedy that focues on the violent aspect of the sport and features a great cast that includes Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and Liev Schrieber.

Keyhole – Guy Maddin, Canada (Special Presentations)
Guy Maddin has always been one of the most imaginative Canadian directors with films that hearken back to cinema’s golden age.  His latest film retains Maddin’s roots, but also looks to be his most mainstream film with a cast including the likes of Jason Patrick and Isabella Rosellini.

Hard Core Logo II – Bruce McDonald, Canada (Masters)
Bruce McDonald returns with a sequel to one of his most popular films.  The film seems to retain the documentary format of the original, with Bruce McDonald once again playing a fictional version of himself (in what seems like a bigger role).  The film also looks like it will heavily feature the (real) band Die Mannequin, whose lead singer, Care Failure, is the main subject of the “documentary.”  It should also be noted that the original film will also be showing at the film festival as part of the “Canadian Open Vault” programme.

Today also saw the announcement of films for the Canada First (debut films by Canadians) and Short Cuts Canada (short films) programmes.

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