Will I See it in 3D? (August/September 2011)

It’s time for the (slightly delayed) second post gauging which of the upcoming 3D films I will be actually be willing to pay the premium price to see.  My last post was pretty accurate with me only seeing two films from June/July in 3D.  What will it be like for the dog days of summer, leading into fall?

Final Destination 5
Released: August 12
Will I See It in 3D: Yes (if I ever see it in theatres)
Reason: I haven’t really gotten into the Final Destination series, but horror films are always a natural fit for 3D (especially if the film is made that way).

Glee 3D Concert Film
Released: August 12
Will I See It in 3D: No
Reason: I’m a fan of the show.  Doesn’t mean I’m willing to see a 3D concert film (in theatres at least).

Conan the Barbarian
Release Date: August 19
Will I See It in 3D: No
Reason: The theatre I’m going to see the film in doesn’t offer the film in the format.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World
Release Date: August 19
Will I See It in 3D 4D: No
Reason: I haven’t seen any of the Spy Kids films in theatres and I’m not about to start here.  However, the 4D gimmick, with its “Aroma-Scope” scratch and sniff cards, is an interesting (if useless) idea.

Fright Night
Release Date: August 19
Will I See It in 3D: I have to
Reason: According the listings near me, this film is only scheduled to be in 3D, so it’s 3D or bust (I kind of hate when cinemas don’t offer a choice).

Shark Night 3D
Release Date: September 7
Will I Night it 3D: Probably
Reason: Like I said at the start of the post, horror is one of the natural genres for 3D.

So, the 3D prospects aren’t that different that they were earlier this summer.  That said, there are a few 3D films in the fall that I’ll probably see (stay tuned).

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