TIFF11: Film Selection Run Down


This is my ninth time attending the Toronto International Film Festival and I’ve never before had to wait as long as I did today to get my single tickets.  I entered the line-up at around 6:15am and I left with my tickets just after 2:00pm (you do that math).  Part of this long wait had to due with technical difficulties, which resulted in over a full hour of no line movement.  However, even without that delay, it still would have been my longest wait ever.

However, it was sure worth it!

When it was all said and done, I received most of my top choices and only had to rely on my back-ups a few times, with only one major disappointment (just missed out on a ticket for Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope).  I received 25 tickets today, which not only smashes my previous record, but also marks the first time I get all my festival tickets at once (thanks to all the extra volunteering I’ve been doing during the last year).

Here is the rundown.

The Prime Picks
Hard Core Logo II – This has been one of my top picks for a while and I was happy to get a ticket to this (for the premiere screening no less).

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory – One of my top documentary picks, I just barely nabbed a ticket to this one and I will look forward to seeing this film (and the discussion that will follow).  I also plan to look into catching up on the previous two films.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home – It’s a morning screening, so I’m not sure if the Duplass brothers will be in attendance,  but I’m still happy to see this film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – Thanks to an invitation from a friend, I’ll be attending this film. This will probably will be my most star-studded film of the festival (not that I’m concerned with any of that stuff 😉 )

Restless – Gus Van Sant films can be hit or miss, but this one looks good.

The Recommendations

Burning Man and Intruders – These films were given as recommendations during a “Twitterpalooza” yesterday (though I already had my eye on both).

Special Presentations

Like Crazy – There is a lot of buzz surrounding this romance film, which I am definitely excited to see.

The Oranges – I love Hugh Laurie and there is some minor buzz spreading about this film.

The Moth Diaries – A vampire film that takes place at an all-girls boarding school. Count me in!

Violet & Daisy – A girl-powered action film (almost seems to be a theme this year).

Rampart – Gotta love Woody Harrelson (in a new film by the director of The Messenger).

Tyrannosaur – Nothing’s better than a gritty British crime film.

Midnight Madness

Your Next – This will be one of two actual midnight screenings I’ll attend.  Once I heard of this house-invasion film, I knew that I should check it out.

The Day – My other midnight screening.  This post-apocalyptic film has a good cast and an interesting plot.

Lovely Molly – I love a good supernatural horror film (especially from the director of The Blair Witch Project).

Smuggler – A Japanese action-comedy.  Should be fun.


Into the Abyss – Werner Herzog and a triple homicide. ‘Nuff said.

The Last Gladiators – A hockey documentary.  Should be interesting.

Paul Williams Still Alive – One thing that attracted me to this doc (about the actor/singer) is that it was programmed by Midnight Madness’ Colin Geddes, which seems to hint that it might not be your usual doc.

Billy Bishop Goes to War – One look at the trailer for this comedy and I knew that I had to see it.

i am a good person/i am a bad person – This is from Ingrid Veninger, the director of MODRA, which I enjoyed at Canada’s Top Ten earlier this year.  This film seems to have the same sort of semi-autobiographical tone.


Generation P – This Russian film looks awesome!

Always Brando – Taking a bit of a chance with this Tunisian film, but it looks interesting.

Death for Sale – A Moroccan film, this is another gamble that might pay off for me.

It’s definitely going to be a busy festival!

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