My Thoughts on 50/50

You wouldn’t really expect cancer to be something that you can laugh at, however 50/50 does manage to find humour in a possibly dire situation – for the first half of the film at least.

The film is about the attempts of a young man (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to cope with his diagnosis of a rare form of cancer, in which he has only a 50% chance of surviving.  Seth Rogen play his best friend, and while Rogen is his usually goofy (and foul-mouthed) self, he does show his dramatic chops later on in the film.

While quite hilarious in the early half, the drama takes centre-stage in the latter half.  Overall, it was quite touching film about beating the odds.


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Sean Kelly Author

Sean Patrick Kelly is a self-described über-geek, who has been an avid film lover for all his life. He graduated from York University in 2010 with an honours B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies and he likes to believe he knows what he’s talking about when he writes about film (despite occasionally going on pointless rants).