My Thoughts on Contagion

I initially missed Contagion when it was released a month ago, since it conflicted with the Toronto Film Festival.  However, I managed have some free time today, so I finally checked it out.

In this film, an American woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) is infected with a new type of virus while on a trip to Hong Kong.  The virus is spread through human contact and it quickly turns into a global epidemic.  The film then follows the efforts of various individuals to cope with the virus.

The features a very impressive all star cast that includes Laurence Fishburne and Kate Winslet as members of the Centre of Disease Control, Matt Damon as father trying to make it through the outbreak, Marion Cotillard as a World Health Organisation official, and Jude Law as a very slimy blogger, who causes fear and pandemonium with his conspiracy theories about the outbreak.

The film slowly builds a sense of dread and the scariest bits are the public’s response to the virus, rather the virus itself.  Overall, it was a very chilling and tense thriller that demonstrates that disease is probably more dangerous to humanity than any war.


Sean Kelly Author

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