My Thoughts on A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas opened nearly a month ago, but I put off seeing it until today, so it would actually be somewhat close to the holidays.  This film is the third entry in the stoner comedy series and while the premise isn’t as fresh as it was back in 2004, I still thought it was a funny film.

Like its predecessors, the humour in the film in very politically incorrect. There are swipes at everything from the financial crisis to religion to even the 3D format itself.  Speaking of which, the film fulfilled its promise of being 3D in a big way.  You don’t often see overtly gimmicky 3D films anymore, so it was definitely great seeing a film that had pretty much every object known to man flying in your face.

Overall, I thought that the film was quite funny and I ended up being satisfied.  I think this film makes a good conclusion to the trilogy of Harold & Kumar films (even though there was a brief hint of a fourth film).


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