Thoughts on the 2012 Golden Globes Nominees

Once again, it is time to kick-off Awards season with the nominees for the 69th annual Golden Globe awards.  Last year I was a bit puzzled at some of the nominations, which were a bit more populist than usual.  While this did result in a loss of credibility for the Globes in my eyes, they are still fun to think about before things get serious with the Oscar nominations.

As always, here are my random thoughts:

  • Morgan Freeman get’s the Cecil B. DeMille Award.  I wonder if he’ll do a voice-over for the montage of his films. 😛
  • Hugo‘s a drama?
  • The Help is a Best Picture nominee?
  • Best Picture Musical/Comedy is a mixed bag like always.  Bridesmaids stands out as the most mainstream nomination.
  • Shame gets a Best Actor nomination, but not a Best Picture nod.
  • Ryan Gosling is one of the only a few actors I can remember to be nominated for both a drama and comedy the same year.
  • I never heard any of the songs nominated.  Where are The Muppets?
  • Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross are nominated again for score (another win?)
  • I probably would agree with all the Best Animated nominations, except for one (Arthur Christmas, really?)
  • The Skin I Live In is the only foreign-language film I’m familiar with (which typically makes it my default pick)
That’s all my thoughts.  I’ll make my formal predictions closer to the ceremony on January 15.

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