So, I was standing right behind Guillermo del Toro…

I had an interesting experience this afternoon as I went to see The Grey.  I went to my regular cinema the Cineplex Queensway and, as I always do, I motioned towards the ticket kiosks.

I chose the second kiosk, which only had one person in front of me.  When the guy in front of me turned around to leave, I immediately recognized him – I was standing behind Guillermo del Toro!

Since del Toro is in Toronto shooting his new movie Pacific Rim, it wasn’t a HUGE surprise to see him, but I still couldn’t believe it.  The whole thing happened so fast that he was gone before I could react, however I did notice that the machine refused his payment, so I’m sure he might have been slightly peeved at that moment (I saw him again a couple minutes later in the normal box office line – I wonder what movie he saw).

This wasn’t the first time I have this type of experience at the Queensway.  In 2005, I went to an advance screening of Red Eye at the theatre, which was followed by an autograph session with Wes Craven.  Then in 2007, I had the unique experience of watching American Gangster two seats away from Forest Whitaker.

It’s amazing who you could run into in Toronto cinemas.

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