Thoughts on the Renovated Bloor Cinema

This evening I went to a screening at the new reopened (and renamed) Bloor Hot Docs cinema.  The theatre recently finished months of renovations and has now reopened as the main hub for the Hot Docs film festival.

I might be because I only went to the Bloor a handful of times before the renovations, but I would hardly recognize the place when I walked in.  The theatre is painted in a much darker colour-scheme than it was before and looks much more classy as a result.

An interesting new feature of the cinema is the glass window that is in between the lobby and the cinema.  I’m not too sure about its purpose, but it was definitely intriguing.  As for the cinema itself, once again, it’s a much dark colour-scheme than it was before.  The seats were new reclining chairs are were quite comfortable to sit in.  The screen was somewhat high up, which means that you would definitely need to sit a few rows back to get a good view.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the new Bloor Cinema and look forward to coming here more regularly.

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