Fan Expo 2012 – Getting Ready 5 Months Early

This year, it is apparent more than ever that Fan Expo Canada’s rapid growth is fast making it the Canadian equivalent of the San Diego Comic-Con.

It definitely seems that they are aiming for sell-out crowds at this year’s convention.  Why else would they put tickets on sale today – nearly 5 months before the convention in August (on a side note, I’m lamenting on how the passes are about $15-20 more than last year).

I’m definitely excited about this year’s announced guests.  The headliners include such heavyweights such as Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Gillian Anderson, Kevin Smith, and (I’m very excited for this one) John Carpenter.

A side-ticketed event (which I also purchased a ticket for) will be for a live recording a Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes’ podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I definitely expect it to be an entertaining show.

I’m sure that many more guests and events will be announced for Fan Expo in the months leading up to the convention.  Like last year, I will return in August and post full coverage (some of last year’s posts are still among the most popular on this blog).

See you then.

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