TIFF12: Vanguard Highlights

“I like to think of Vanguard as Midnight Madness’s older, more mature sister with a darker, confrontational and transgressive core.” – Colin Geddes

That quote gives you the idea of the films that make up the companion programme to Midnight Madness.  The films in Vanguard tend to feature more arty genre fare, but there are still some intriguing titles in this year’s line-up.

Here are the highlights:

90 Minutes – Eva Sørhaug, Norway

Director Eva Sørhaug (Cold Lunch) reveals the rage and violence lurking beneath seemingly tranquil domesticity in her bold and uncompromising sophomore feature.

Berberian Sound Studio – Peter Strickland, United Kingdom
This film can be seen as a homage to Italian horror films.

Here Comes the Devil – Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Mexico/Argentina
This looks like it will be a quite creepy film.

Peaches Does Herself – Peaches, Germany
I think the title says it all….

Room 237 – Rodney Ascher, USA
A somewhat meta look into conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining.

Sightseers – Ben Wheatley, United Kingdom
Erotic odyssey… Killing spree… Caravanning holiday…

The We and the I – Michel Gondry, USA
Gondry has a bit of a spotty filmography, so let’s hope his latest film has more to do with Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind than Be Kind Rewind.

Well, those are my highlights from the Vanguard programme.  There’s one more post of highlights to come today.

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