Wrapping Up the Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings

The Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings was an interesting experiment to see if people would attend Toronto After Dark screenings outside of the yearly festival.  Based on the turn-out (including the sell-out crowd for the Canadian premiere of V/H/S), I would have to say that there is definitely an audience for year-round Toronto After Dark-hosted screenings.

In fact, I probably wouldn’t mind if these screenings become a semi-regular occurrence that occurs every 2-3 months.  I’m sure that I would go to them if I did.

To conclude my coverage of the summer screenings, I shall now rank the four films I saw:

  1. Juan of the Dead
  2. Detention
  3. V/H/S
  4. The Pact
I also took a number of photos during the screenings.  They are not yet uploaded, but keep an eye out on my Flickr group.

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