Fan Expo 2012 Day 1: Getting Acquainted on a Low-Key Day

Julie Benz

If today was the only day you were going to attend Fan Expo Canada, sadly you chose one of the worst days to go.

It was a very slow opening day for the Expo and I spent most of the afternoon getting acquainted with the showfloor, which featured some enjoyable elements like a Frankenweenie exhibit, showing puppets and sets from the upcoming film.  I also enjoyed getting the first 10 Toronto After Dark film announcements.

However, if you were looking for celebrities, you would have been really disappointed.  The autograph area was totally empty today, with no more than three people signing at one time.  However it should pick up tomorrow.  Q&A-wise, I checked out the discussion with Julie Benz, who is best known for her roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dexter.

Tomorrow will be the first full day of the Expo and I am looking forward to many things, including seeing Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes record Jay and Silent Bob Get Old live.

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