TIFF12: Canadian Film Thoughts

I am back from my week-long trip to the cottage and I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of things.

The best way to start will be to rundown some of the highlights of the Canadian films that were announced yesterday for the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.  There are definitely some interesting selections.

Here are the highlights:

Antiviral – Brandon Cronenberg, Canada/USA (Special Presentations)
I am definitely excited for the feature film debut of the son of David Cronenberg.  From what I’ve heard of the film’s debut at Cannes, Brandon Cronenberg seems to be following in his father’s footsteps (with shocking results).

Laurence Anyways – Xavier Dolan, Canada (Special Presentations)
The third feature from Montreal’s Xavier Dolan centres on a young bohemian couple whose defiantly exclusive relationship is sent spiraling when the man, Laurence, confesses that he believes he’s transgendered.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure – Sean Garrity, Canada (Contemporary World Cinema)
Not since a film with the initials YPF has a film been interesting purely on the title.

Revolution – Rob Stewart, Canada (TIFF Docs)
From the director of Sharkwater comes this impassioned, angry and enduringly hopeful call to arms against our destruction of our planet’s precious marine life.

Still – Michael McGowan, Canada (Special Presentations)
Based on true events and boasting a veteran cast, Still is a heartfelt story about an 89-year-old New Brunswicker who faces jail time when the government tries to stop him from building a more suitable house for his wife, whose health is beginning to fade.

Stories We Tell – Sarah Polley, Canada (Special Presentations)
For her third film as a director, Sarah Polley moves into documentary territory with this exploration of a family’s secrets.

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