Get Ready for Toronto After Dark Bingo!

One of the fun time wasters of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was “TIFF Bingo.”   The game was a mix of traditional bingo and a scavenger hunt, in which you you check off boxes such as “Atom Egoyan Sighting” or “Vote for People’s Choice” and you would tweet your progress to a hashtag.  While the game was played purely for bragging rights, I had a lot of fun with it and I asked, one of the co-creators, Rachel West for permission to adapt the game for Toronto After Dark. I do say that it was a challenge to create a bingo card for a smaller single-venue festival, though I am happy with what I’ve come up with. I’ve made the game easy enough that you can check off many squares at a single screening, though only the most hardcore Toronto After Dark filmgoers will get them all. Below you will find the Toronto After Dark Bingo card, as well as an explanation for each square. TADBingo Square Explanations:

  • Pub After Dark – Attend one of the post-screening Pub Nights at Pauper’s Pub to check this square off
  • Co-Presenter (4 Squares) – If the film you are seeing is co-presented by one of the listed festivals/businesses, check off the appropriate square
  • Toronto Before Dark (Daytime Screening) – See either a 1:00pm or 3:45pm show on the weekend to check this off
  • Vote for Audience Award – Self-explanatory
  • Sit in Bloor Balcony – Head upstairs to check this off
  • Genre Squares (Horror, Action, Sci-fi, and Cult – Check off a square for each of Toronto After Dark’s signature genres.  Some films may be more than one.  Here’s my interpretation of which genre each film fits in (feel free to disagree): Grabbers (Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult), American Mary (Horror), Crave (Action), Inbred (Horror), Rec 3: Genesis (Horror), Cockneys vs Zombies (Horror, Cult), Doomsday Book (Horror, Sci-Fi), Lloyd the Conqueror (Cult), Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (Action, Sci-Fi), After (Horror), Grave Encounters 2 (Horror), Citadel (Horror), My Amityville Horror (Horror), Resolution (Horror, Cult), Sushi Girl (Action, Cult), Dead Sushi (Horror, Cult), In Their Skin (Horror), Wrong (Cult), Fantastic Fear of Everything (Horror, Cult), Game of Werewolves (Horror).
  • Buy Alcohol at the Bloor – The Bloor is now licenced, so buy a beer and check off a square!
  • Toronto After Darkcade – Play the indie videogames that are part of the pub nights to check off this square.
  • Q&A After Screening – About half the screenings this year have Q&As.  If yours does, check off this square.
  • See Film on Opening Night – See either Grabbers or American Mary to check this off
  • Thank a Volunteer – They deserve it
  • See Film on Closing Night – See either Fantastic Fear of Everything or Game of Werewolves to check this off
  • 6 Films or More – See at least a third of the festival’s films to check off this square.
  • Socialize in Line – Toronto After Dark is one of the most fan-friendly festivals out there.  So talk to your fellow genre fans, while waiting for films, and check off this square.
  • Bring Food into Bloor – The Bloor is very lenient about outside food, so if you are hungry, grab something from one of the restaurants nearby and check off this square.
  • Mike Smith Sighting – Mike Smith (Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) is one of the featured guests this year.  Spot him to check off this square.
  • Eat Sushi on Killer Sushi Night – Oct 24 has two films with sushi in the title.  There happens to be a Japanese restaurant across the street from the Bloor.  Put two and two together.
  • Scream on Scary Night – Oct 22 has been designated “Scary Night.” If you (or someone close to you) screams during one of the films, check off this square.
  • Dress for Zombie Night – Oct 20 is “Zombie Appreciation Night”. Dress up as a zombie to get a ticket discount and check off this square.

I hope you enjoy Toronto After Dark Bingo!  Remember to tweet your progress to the #TADBingo hashtag and you need to entire card to win (though the only prize is bragging rights). Thanks again goes to both Rachel West and Sasha James for the original TIFF Bingo idea.

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