Toronto After Dark 2012: My Thoughts on REC3: Genesis

Rec3Rec 3: Genesis is the third instalment of the popular Spanish zombie series.  As the title suggests, the first two Rec films were found-footage horror films.  While Rec 3 begins with a similar format, it quickly changes into something different, which I still found to be an entertaining film. Having fun with the found-footage premise of the series, Rec 3 begins like a cheesy wedding video.  Using a combination of professional and amateur video, the opening of Rec 3 depicts the wedding of Kolda and Clara.  It seems to be a perfect day, expect for an uncle who suddenly seems sick.  Before you know it, the wedding is swarming with the undead and the bride and groom are separated. At the end of the first act, the film switches from found footage to a more standard film format.  This switch include a clever swipe at the very nature of found footage films, in how there is always someone inexplicably recording the carnage.  While some might think that the abandonment of the found-footage premise does not make this a “true” Rec film, as someone who hasn’t seen the other two, I was able to like the film for what it was – a very fun zombie film. The bulk of the film has Kolda and Clara trying to reunite with each other, while fighting off the hordes of zombies.  The zombies in this film (and presumably the entire Rec series) are interesting, since they seem to be demonic in origin, rather that some viral outbreak (the zombies show their true forms through their reflections).  This aspect of the zombies actually becomes a somewhat major factor of the plot. As with many zombie films, filmmakers always try to find new and unique ways to kill zombies.  The signature zombie kill scene, as shown in the trailer and poster, has Clara fighting off zombies with the chainsaw.  That was definite my favourite sequence in the film, especially in the way they set it to the dance song that just happened to be playing in the reception hall. Overall, while Rec 3 takes a different approach than is expected for this series, I still found it to be a quite entertaining zombie film.8 | LIKED IT

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