Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Argo5I kind of feel silly now. After all my ranting about how I only got four predictions right last year and that the Golden Globes are the Bizzaro Land of award shows, I ended up doing quite well with my predictions this year, even though a few of those correct predictions were pure guesses.  I ended up getting 10 out of 14 awards correct, which is my best ever tally for the Golden Globes.  However, one pick I got wrong was Best Picture – Drama, which was given to Argo.  Ben Affleck also won Best Director, which is interesting considering the fact that he was snubbed for an Oscar nomination. I don’t really believe that Argo’s win at the Globes will be repeated at the Oscars.  It’s not really common for a film that doesn’t also have a Best Director nomination to win at the Academy Awards (though it has happened).  However, I’m sure some of the success of Les Misérables, which won Best Picture – Comedy/Musical, Best Actor – Comedy/Musical for Hugh Jackman, Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway, will be repeated next month.  In fact, I’m actually going to say that the film is a solid frontrunner at the Oscars. Of course, there is still more than an month until the Academy Awards and anything can happen in that time.

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